Vomercy In-Ear Wired Headphones with Mic Review

Vomercy In-Ear Wired Headphones with Mic Review

Wired headphones may not be the most modern choice but they still have their place and some people still want to purchase them. If you are one of those people you want to ensure that you are purchasing a good quality wired earphone since they can get damaged so easily.

These earphones from Vomercy offer you a good quality build along with a built in mic so they can be used for both listening to your favorite audio and also for taking phone calls.

The Vomercy In-Ear Wired Headphones with Mic is black in color so they will go well with your attire no matter if you are commuting to a business meeting or on your way to the gym or going for a trail run.


Made with a 3.5 mm gold plated plug you can use these earphones with a majority of audio devices that feature a standard audio cable jack. This offers a secure connection and will provide the best transmission of sound to make your listening experience a complete pleasure.

The built in microphone enables you to make hands-free calls with the ability to receive calls while you are listening to music. The multifunctional button on the earphones allows you to answer your calls while listening to your music and pauses the music for the duration of the call.

The audio cord on this model is made with premium TPE cord thread. This makes it very comfortable even if you wear it underneath your clothing next to your skin. The cord is 1.25 meters long allowing you to wear it through your clothing or through bags and still allowing a comfortable amount of cord outside so you can comfortably listen to your music and have a pleasurable in ear experience while use the earphones.

The TPE cord is covered with a plastic shell that helps to prevent it from tangling and also helps to improve its durability and tenacious abilities so it will last long and still provide you with the high quality sound you need.

These earphones offer great sound quality with high definition stereo features. This allows for a more natural sound with low impedance and high sensitivity.

This makes them great not just for music but also for audio from movies and also for making and receiving phone calls.

The earphones are sweat proof so they are a great choice for exercising and other sport activity or if you are an outdoorsy persons and like to go hiking or biking and could get caught in a little downpour occasionally.

With your purchase of these wired headphones from Vomercy you get 3 different pairs of ear tips along with 3 pairs of ear hooks and the user manual. The interchangeable ear tips and hooks ensure you get the most customized and most comfortable fit possible so you can always wear these comfortably.


  • Affordable
  • Durable materials and design
  • Comfortable in ear earphones
  • Black design goes with everything and works for everyone
  • Highly compatible with an array of devices
  • Long cord can be used through bags or clothes and still remain comfortable
  • Cord made from TPE coated with plastic to prevent tangles
  • Great quality audio with low impedance and high sensitivity
  • Interchangeable ear tips and ear hooks included with purchase
  • Three month replacement warranty


  • Due to wires there is the possibility of tangling and snagging


These wired in ear headphones from Vomercy are very affordable when compared to other like products on the market. They are affordable but they are still great quality and better than many of their competitors models.

Thereby they offer extreme value for money. These earphones are the type that you will have to replace every week which is usually the case with other models in the price group. These are sturdy, durable and built to last.

They offer amazing sound quality also another thing you won’t find in a lot of the competing brands at this price point which just offer mediocre sound quality. Not with these Vomercy headphones though, you get great quality audio for the price that you pay including top quality bass which is usually a problem in lower priced headphones.


The Vomercy wired in-ear headphones are a great choice if you are looking for a backup headphone that is affordable but made with durable materials and a durable design.

They are made to fit comfortably and the manufacturers included 3 sizes of ear tips along with 3 ear hooks to ensure that you can get the best fit for your ears because not everybody’s ears are the same shape or the same size and the same can be said of the ear canals.

The earphones come in black so they are great for all types of applications and all kinds of environments whether casual, business or the gym.

Whatever you need and where you need to use them, they will fit right in. they are very compatible since they use a standard 3.55 mm jack so they can provide you with private listening no matter what type of device you are listening from.

The cord on these is long and so can be thread through your clothes or through your bags and still allow you for comfortable length so you don’t feel restricted while keeping the wire out of view so there is less chance of it tangling or snagging.

The cord is coated with plastic so that it will feel ok against your skin even if you wear it under your clothes.

If all doesn’t go well and you don’t like these earphones as much as we anticipate because you received a damaged one or it stops working, you will you are covered with a three month replacement warranty so you can get a new one.


We love the Vomercy Wired In-Ear headphones as a backup. Because of the wires there are limitations to its use but it is affordable and at its price point offers the best in sound quality that you will find on the market.

We highly recommend the purchase and are confident that you will find the headphones comfortable, useful and of good quality offering you value for money.

They are amazing and with three different sets of ear tips and three different ear hooks you will definitely be able to find the right combination to make these very comfortable for your ears even if you are wearing them for hours at a time.

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