Types Of In Ear Headphones

Types Of In Ear Headphones

There are many varieties of in-ear headphones and you can choose the best one that fits your ears perfectly. In this manner, you can wear them for long hours without any hassles. However, you must understand that these headphones should not be used for the whole day as it can cause some irritation inside the ears.

You can avoid such things by limiting your usage to only a couple of hours every day. In this way, you can get superior quality sound without any discomfort. The type of in earphone you choose will depend on the purpose for which you will be using these headphones.

While some people use them exclusively to listen to music and watch videos, few others need them to talk over the phone. In this regard, you can choose the ones that come equipped with a microphone if you want to use them along with your phone.

Various types of in ear headphones

  • Fixed frame headphones
  • Flexible wired headphones
  • Bluetooth wireless headphones
  • Sports headphones
  • Silicone tipped headphones
  • Memory foam tipped headphones

Fixed frame headphones

These in-ear headphones come with a fixed frame that can be put around the neck and plugged into the ears whenever needed. This will offer superior quality grip and you can comfortably use them even if you are involved in active sports.

They are very good in canceling outside noise as there is a slight pressure exerted on the ear canals due to the design of the frame which will push the headphones deep inside the canal. In this way, you will experience very less outside noise when compared to other models of headphones.

You can comfortably use them while playing sports as the jerky movement of the head will not throw the headphones out of the ears.

The only drawback of these headphones is that the pressure will hurt your ears slightly when you wear them for long hours at a stretch. You can avoid this by restricting your usage to a smaller duration if there is any discomfort when you wear the headphone.

Flexible wired headphones

This is the most popular version of headphones currently trending in the market. Many mobile phone manufacturers include them as part of the phone and give them out to consumers. In this way, you can get the best fitting headphone for your mobile device and it will not have any compatibility issues.

The biggest advantage of using such headphones is that they occupy the least space and you can easily fold them and keep in your pocket. Many people also wrap the headphone around the phone and keep them in the bag.

The flexible wires will ensure that the headphones do not have much weight and they can be kept in small places without any damage to the headphone. This is widely used by people who travel frequently as they can easily carry it in a small pack.

Bluetooth headphones

These headphones are becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to the growing demand for wireless devices. You can get rid of the messy wires when you use such headphones with your music players and mobile phones.

This is ideally suited for mobile phones as you can have a hands free conversation without any hassles when you choose such headphones. The range of the headphone is usually about twenty meters and you can easily access it within any room.

This will allow you to stay away and move around freely from the mobile phone or music player. In this way, you can easily carry on with your other activities without having to carry the mobile phone in your hands. It weighs very less and you can comfortably carry it in your pocket.

Sports headphones

This variety of in-ear headphone is very popular among sports enthusiasts as it offers the best grip while they are involved in sports activities. It comes with a small loop that will cover the ears from the outside and this will allow the headphone to stay firm even when the person is involved in jerky movements.

In this way, the headphones will not fall away easily and you will have proper safety of the equipment. It also comes in attractive designs and colors that are usually not found in the regular headphones. You can easily wear them when you are practicing for your sports activities and enjoy a relaxing time listening to our favorite music.

However, you have to ensure that you are in a safe area as the outside noise will get blocked to a major extent and this can harm you if you are on a busy street. In this regard, it makes sense to use them with caution.

Silicone tipped headphones

The silicone tipped headphones are widely used along with mobile phones and many manufactures bundle them as a package along with the phones.

In this way, they will push their own brand of headphones into the market and the advantage with choosing such headphones is that they are perfectly compatible with the device and you can get the best quality sound from the mobile phone.

They are usually equipped with a small microphone in the middle of the wire leading to the phone and you can easily use that to have a hands free conversation over your phone.

Memory foam tipped headphones

This is the advanced version of the in-ear headphone and the best replacement for the regular silicone tipped headphones. The tip will have foam that has good memory and it will automatically adjust to the shape of your ear canal.

In this way, the pressure on the ear is negligible and you can comfortably wear them for long hours without feeling any discomfort. Apart from that, you will also be able to get good quality sound output as the foam will block outside noise in a better way when compared to other models.

The foam is made of soft material that will provide good cushion to the ear canal and you can use them for a long duration to listen to your favorite music.

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