Samsung 2 PACK OEM Wired 3.5mm White Headset Review

Samsung 2 PACK OEM Wired 3.5mm White Headset Review

Listening to music has never been better than when you listen to it using the right device. Inner ear headphones that have good sound quality can make listening to your favorite tune incredible as you do not have to disturb the people who might be around you.

In the following review, we examine the product features, cons, and pros of Samsung’s 2 pack OEM Wired 3.5mm White Headset. The review will help you decide if this headset is suitable for use in your daily life.

For example, its remote control feature gives control over the headset without having to stop what you are doing to answer or end a call. Below are the features of this headset that make it stand out from the rest.

Samsung 2 PACK OEM Wired 3.5mm White Headset Features 

  • Samsung’s 2 pack OEM wired 3.5mm white headset features a multi-function remote that has an inbuilt microphone that executes end/answer function. It also performs volume control tasks
  • Do you want a headset that gives you deep bass? The headphones come with a 12-mm dynamic driver which offers deeper bass and improved sound balance
  • If you are looking for earphones that are compatible with your Samsung device, then this headset might work for you. This headset is compatible with the following devices: Galaxy Note 5 / 4, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+/S6/S5
  • This wired white headset by Samsung comes with a 3.5-mm jack connector that makes it easy to control sound using appropriate equalizers to avoid cause harm to your ears
  • It has cords made of ultra-light materials which are intertwine resistant
  • Clear sound is necessary when it comes to music or even calls. The headset comes with the in-ear fit that helps in the delivery of clearer and also richer sounds
  • These Samsung earphones feature additional ear gels


  • It is lightweight, making using the headset comfortable even when working. You can’t even feel them, but you can enjoy your music
  • You can answer and end calls as well as regulate the volume without having to reach for your phone
  • Provides full enjoyment with high-quality voice calls due to the mic covering that is made from innovative wind-sound reducing materials
  • Headsets that have poor sound quality may not give you the pure enjoyment of your music. These headphones are different as they offer high sound quality when listening to music
  • While some headsets are likely to fall off when you are involved in an activity, Samsung’s 2 pack OEM are exceptional. The headphones do not fall off the ears even when you are walking or running as they are designed to fit on the ears
  • If you love looking stylish, then this headset can serve your needs. They offer an exceptional look while still being comfortable
  • They are suitable for use when doing exercises such as running
  • Affordable
  • Cable is designed to resist tangling


  • The 2 pack OEM wired 3.5 mm white headphones by Samsung do not have the wireless technology feature. This is contrary to what you may consider based on the fact that Samsung is a giant manufacturer of various devices
  • Indeterminate warranty information on retail websites
  • These headsets can easily break if they are not handled well
  • The cords for these headsets have a plastic feel, but while doing our research, we discovered that they can at times give you an electrical shock and this is dangerous


While this Samsung’s 2 pack OEM Wired 3.5mm White Headset is lightweight and fits perfectly to the ears, they do not have wireless technology like others. If you are used to using wireless headsets, then you should consider this factor before purchasing one so that you are not inconvenienced in any way.

Regardless of the cons of these headsets, they ideal if you love your music, and want to get it delivered by in-ear headphones. It is also necessary to consider durability and user-friendly features when purchasing earphones.

Now that you know, go ahead and choose the headphones of your choice.

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