OWAVO Sports in Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

OWAVO Sports in Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Owavo Sports wireless headphones are just what you need for listening to music while you work out or play your favorite sport and offers an included mic so it can be used for phone calls as well. These headphones are a great choice because they offer a variety of features such as being sweat proof, being wireless and even offers noise cancellation.

They are affordable for the price as they cost less than $100. Comparing to the quality you get this is a price that affords exceptional value for money when it comes to earbud earphones.

Continue reading to find out why the Owavo Sports wireless headphones are the right choice for your needs.


These Bluetooth headphones are designed with Bluetooth version 4.1. The Bluetooth offers a range of up to 10 meters so that you don’t have to have the device directly on your person when listening with these headphones.

With HD voice support not only do you have good quality audio with these but for calls your other party will be able to hear you clearly. The headphones are designed with an auto-reconnect feature so that if you step outside the range once you go back into range it will connect and continue your audio.

The headphones are powered by a rechargeable 50mAh lithium battery. This battery provides a charging talking time of between 2.5 and 5 hours.

At 80% volume it will provide around the same amount of music listening time. Charging the battery to full takes only 1 to 2 hours to complete.

These Owavo headphones offer great compatibility. They can be used with all kinds of Bluetooth enabled devices from music players, cell phones, tablets and more.

They feature noise cancelling capabilities so that you can listen to music while in noisy environments. This makes them a great choice for travel through airports and train stations.

They also make them a great choice for listening to your favorite audio at home with your family members while they watch their favorite TV show or enjoy something apart from what you are partaking in.

There is a built in mic on the Owavo sport headphones that allow for you to take calls. The mic also features a control which is what allows you the opportunity to select songs and adjust volume and pause as necessary while listening to your music or on a call so you don’t have to touch your device to make the necessary adjustments.

When it comes to audio quality you get only the clearest treble and the deepest bass so you can look forward to great sound quality when you purchase these earbud headphones.

Your purchase includes a Bluetooth headphone, a micro USB charging cable, 3 different sizes of earbud tips and the user manual.


  • Bluetooth V4.1 and Audio codec offer top quality sound
  • Fits comfortably and securely
  • Is ergonomically designed
  • Waterproof with a IPX-7 rating
  • Gel flex silicone earbuds for max comfort
  • Flexible ear hooks for comfort, convenience and a secure fit
  • No cords – no tangles
  • Ear hooks keep ears fatigue free
  • Ideal for running, biking and gym life
  • Long battery life up to 5 hours
  • Quick charge time less than 2 hours
  • 50 hour standby time when not actively in use
  • Noise cancelling technology
  • Long range connect ability up to 10 meters away
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Snug and secure fit so won’t fall off during exercise
  • Universally compatible
  • Affordable


  • None to note


There are a number of earbud headphones that offer the comfort and quality offered by the Owavo Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

However they may not offer the features that you will find in this such as the waterproof IPX-7 rating which allows you to use these for your exercise sessions when you get sweaty or possible when you run and get a little unexpected downpour.

These are designed with an ergonomic design so that they are comfortable, much more so than your typical in ear earbud headphone design. There design also ensure a snug fit inside your ears so you don’t have to worry about them falling out of place.

They feature ear hooks with flex silicon earbuds so they are comfortable on and inside your ears which is cannot be said of much other earbuds designed like this available at the same price point. They also have no wires so you don’t have to worry about them getting all tangled as you move about.

Since there are no wires you don’t have to worry about storage either which can be a sore point when you have wired headphones.

They offer impeccable battery life of up to 5 hours which you won’t find in a lot of Bluetooth headphones at this price point.


The Owavo Bluetooth Sports Ear bud headphones are a great choice for the active lifestyle. They offer a number of features and come at a great price to boot.

The headphones are waterproof and also offer noise reducing technologies so they are great for your on the go lifestyle. The headphones are comfortable made with an ergonomic design for your ears and also made with comfortable materials so that you won’t even feel them even if you have them in for a long time.

The manufacturer guarantees a fatigue free experience wearing their earbuds in your ears and have included three different sizes of ear tips so you can find the most comfortable fit for your headphones.

Not only are these designed to fit comfortably but they are also designed to fit snugly as well. They are the perfect headphones for sports purposes thanks to fit as well as due to their battery life.

They offer one of the longest battery lives on the market at the price point they are selling at and charge up quickly in less than 2 hours to full capacity.

Featuring the latest in Bluetooth technology with and with a long wireless range you no longer have to worry about your music device being on your person. You can leave your device up to 10 meters away and still be able to enjoy clear and high quality sound from audio playback to your phone calls.

The auto reconnect feature ensures that if you ever go outside the 10 meter range your device will automatically reconnect once you re-enter the range.


We highly recommend the purchase of the Owavo Bluetooth Sports earbud headphones. They come at a great price offering exceptional value for money and have a lot of great features.

They are great for exercise and offer great quality sound without the wires. They offer waterproof technology as well as some amount of sound reduction so you can enjoy your audio regardless of what is happening around you.

And to boot they are affordably priced so they really offer exceptional value for money. We highly recommend these earbuds from Owavo.

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