In Ear Headphones Vs Earpods

In Ear Headphones Vs Earpods

You should be aware of the differences between in-ear headphones and ear pods before choosing the suitable one for your everyday activities. Remember that both are good in their own ranks and it depends on your particular requirement and budget.

In this regard, you should ideally go through many reviews of in ear headphones vs earpods before you choose the best one suited for your requirement. To begin with, both of them deliver good quality sound for regular listening and you will find better output with the in-ear headphones as they do a good job of blocking the outside noise.

On the other hand, the ear pods are more suited for sports enthusiasts as they tend to stick firmly to the ears and you can move around freely without having to worry about the ear pods falling out of the ears.

How are they similar? 

You will be surprised to know that in ear headphones and earpods are similar in various aspects and you will get good quality sound without any hassles from both of them. They are both light in weight and you can easily fold them and carry them in your pocket.

In this way, you will have portability feature that will be very useful when you are traveling and do not have any space for bulky headsets. They are inexpensive when compared to the bulky headsets and they even last long. The headsets tend to break when they are compressed in your baggage which makes it difficult for people to carry them while traveling.

On the other hand, these small headphones can be carried in the case provided by the manufacturer that will easily fit into your pocket. Apart from that, you can also wrap it around the mobile phone or your other device and take it wherever you want while traveling.

In this way, these gadgets are similar in many aspects. However, they have their own salient features and we will discuss them in detail.

How they differ? In Ear Headphones Vs Earpods

In ear headphones and earpods have many differences with regards to the quality of sound and other aspects.

  • The noise cancellation is better with in-ear headphones than ear pods
  • The sound quality is good with both of them, but the in-ear headphones have some edge
  • Ear pods are safer when you are moving around
  • Ear pods provide better bass when compared to in-ear headphones
  • Ear pods stick to the ears comfortably when compared to in-ear headphones

Noise cancellation

The in-ear headphones are well known for their noise cancellation features and you can almost block any sound from the surrounding. This feature alone is enough to impress the music lovers who want to listen to the songs without any disturbance. Most technicians who are involved in media works use such headphones.

These professionals also find it comfortable to use them for long hours and it will give crystal clear audio even in noisy situation.

The ear pods are not so good when it comes to noise cancellation and you can hear significant noise from the surrounding. However, it has additional features that will compensate for this drawback and you can still get to hear good quality audio when you are in a normal room that has less background noise.

Safety aspect

When it comes to the safety aspect, you have to be very careful while using the in-ear headphones in busy surroundings. It can block most of the surrounding noise and this can be hazardous when you are driving or walking on a busy road. You have to be careful as you cannot control the noise cancellation feature.

The ear pods have some advantage in this regard as they allow some amount of background noise to enter which is best for your safety when you are in a crowded street. For this reason, many sports enthusiasts prefer such ear pods as they are safe and they can use them even when they are cycling or riding a bike.

Comfortable to wear

The in-ear headphones sit comfortably in the ear under normal circumstances. But when it comes to active sports, this will fall off as the jerky motion of the head will throw away the headphones out of the ear.

You have to be careful while choosing these headphones for sports activities. They will, however sit comfortably on the ears without any hassles under normal circumstances and you can use them in your everyday activities.

However, the ear pods are ideally suited for such activities as they tend to stick to the ear canals comfortably without falling off even during jerky movements. In this manner, you can comfortably use them while playing sports or while riding a cycle. It will do deep inside the ears and the rubber grip will stick comfortably to the ear canal.

Sound quality

The in-ear headphones are well known for their superior quality sound and you will find it very comfortable even while wearing for long hours. You will be glad to know that many professionals involved in the media field use such headphones during work and this shows the popularity of the headphones over other models.

The ear pods are not so high when it comes to sound quality, especially in noisy environments. You will have to increase the volume to get better quality sound when you are on a busy street. However, if you are in a normal quiet indoor area, you will not have any issues with the sound quality and you will get decent quality sound in this situation.

In this way, you can choose any of them depending on your particular requirement. They last for a long time without any damages and this will give you complete value for your money in the long run.

When it comes to other features, you can find the ear pods in the wireless option and this is a major advantage for sports enthusiasts as they will be able to get rid of the wires that will hamper their active movements during sports activities. The cost of these headphones will be on the higher side when compared to the normal wired headphones.

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