Improving your listening experience: How to wear in-ear headphones?

Improving your listening experience: How to wear in-ear headphones?

You might love listening to music or watching videos. For this, earphones are your best friend. One of the commonly used kinds of headphones are the in-ear headphones.

They usually come with a phone or any gadget upon purchase. You use them by default but do you know how to wear in-ear headphones?

They are not simply worn just like how the on-ear headphones are worn.

In-ear headphones provide the good quality kind of sound. It blocks the outdoor noise, very portable, and combines sound quality. It also complements any kind of outfit.

But many users find major problem with in-ear headphones: it falls from the ear. The in-ear headphone cord sways with every body movement which causes thump.

The headphone is not secure with the ear canal which leads to noise disturbance.

But there’s only one solution: wearing in-ear headphones the right way. 

How to wear in-ear headphones?

Many users are not aware of the proper way of wearing in-ear headphones. They are not worn the same way as traditional earbuds or headphones are worn.

Earbuds hang on the crevices of the ear folds, but how should you wear in near headphones? Here are the proper steps for wearing in-ear headphones:

  1. Hold the ear buds and put them at the back of the ear. The cord should be at the back of the ear, too.
  2. Place the cords behind the ear lobes.
  3. Then, insert the ear buds to the ear just like how you do with the traditional earphones.
  4. The mushy tip of the earbud should stick tightly to the walls of the ear canal to ensure good quality of sound and block outside noise.

To ensure tight seal along the walls of the ear, here are safe steps to do it:

  1. Follow the above mentioned steps.
  2. Push each earbud into your ears.
  3. For the right ear, using your left hand take hold of the right earlobe.
  4. Pull the right earlobe downward to make the ear canal wider.
  5. Using your left index finger, push the earphone into the canal.
  6. Make sure to push it gently and enough to sense the seal.
  7. Do the steps 1-6 to the other ear.

After sealing the in-ear headphones with the steps above, do you feel any difference? Does the sound quality improve? Do you still hear outside noise? If you do it correctly, you will hear louder sound and enhanced bass.

Why are in-ear headphones popular?

The main reason why people use in-ear headphones is portability. In-ear headphones are the most portable kind of headphone – users can easily place them inside the pockets or dangle them around the neck. It is convenient and not annoying; in fact, in-ear headphones are also a good complement to any kind of outfit.

More than its portability, in-ear headphones are perfect workout companions. They are lightweight enough to wear when doing an exercise or any kind of physical activity.

In-ear headphones provide enough blockages to outside noise because they can be worn along the ear canals. Make sure to know how to wear in-ear headphones properly for a safe and effective listening experience.

Improving listening experience with high-quality in-ear headphones

Aside from wearing in-ear headphones properly, using a good kind of in-ear headphones provide high-quality sounds and improve the listening experience. The best in-ear headphones are not defined by price and brand. What are the factors to consider in in-ear headphones? Here are some buying guides:

  • Ask yourself about the functionality of the in-ear headphone you plan to buy. Should it have high noise isolation, sound tuning, or an inline mic?
  • Audio source. The in-ear headphone should pair well with the audio source. Some computers and smartphones are difficult to pair with some brands or models of in-ear headphones. Also, keep in mind that upgrading headphones also requires an upgrade of the audio source.
  • The in-ear headphones should fit well in the ear canals. The right fit blocks outside noise, provide good bass quality, and louder sound. Some users do not like the sound that the in-ear headphone provides, but if they only wear them properly, they can get the good sound quality they want.
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