How To Select Ear Headphones For Singers?

How To Select Ear Headphones For Singers?

When a singer is performing the ambient sounds in the stage can affect their quality of performance. Performing in big venues will be difficult without using appropriate ear headphones for singers.

A singer who needs to give an inspiring performance on stage or in recording studio needs the headphones which will block out other sounds. The recording the songs in a studio using headphones will prevent the chances of “bleed”.

The bleed is the unwanted sound which the microphone picks up when the singer is performing. With the advancement of the technology, it is possible to record the songs using multi-tracks. Each instrument will be recorded on a separate track and are mixed appropriately by the technicians to produce the required result.

It is necessary for the singers to use ear headphones, which offer minimum sound leakage. During live shows, headphones with in-ear monitors help in singing without getting confused with other sounds.

The singer will be able to adjust their voice according to the music and the venue acoustics. Musicians, as well as sound engineers, will get benefitted by using ear headphones.

There are headphones available for singers from different well-known brands. One needs to know how to select the best product.

How singers get benefitted?

When the singer is using good quality headphones or in ear monitors while singing they can enjoy the following benefits

  • Any ambient noise will get blocked out and will get protection from damaging sound levels
  • These headphones offer better audio performance
  • Sound checking is easy as there will not be interruptions by room acoustics
  • Each singer in a band can get a separate audio mix
  • Consistent sound irrespective of the position on the stage
  • Good noise isolation offers good listening experience

Different types of ear headphones

There are different models of ear headphones or in- ear monitors available. The universal fit in models will have silicone or foam ear tips.  These ear tips can wear out easily and hence will need spares of the right size.

Custom –fit ear headphones fit correctly on your ear and will offer comfort hearing for many years. These products offer better sound quality and noise isolation than the universal fit models. Musician’s plugs allow the use of noise filters for audio playback.

Features to consider

You need to consider certain features before purchasing the ear headphones to improve your music performance and to keep you comfortable while using the headphones. The important features to consider are


There are in-ear headphones as well as over–the-ear designs available for headphones. It is better to opt for over–the–ear design as it gives more comfortable and secure fit than in-ear models.

If you are looking for more comfortable headphones opt for custom fit models. You can also find wired and wireless models. Selecting models without cables will offer more comfort while performing.

Singers who move around the stage while performing will find the wired models very inconvenient. Universal models of headphones are, however cheaper than custom-fit models.

Noise isolation

It is necessary for any singer to select headphones, which offer better noise isolation. This will reduce distractions when hearing the music or track.

Headphones with foam on earphones offer best noise isolation. This will prevent unwanted sounds from entering to the ear.

Noise reduction or isolation is measured in decibels. The more the value more sound will be blocked. You will be able to hear the track with less external interference.

Frequency of ear phones

You need to know the frequencies that the earphones will produce. Humans can hear the frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. So, select earphones which cover this frequency.

Multi-channel mixing

If you are looking to personalize the music monitoring and make adjustments immediately you should go for ear headphones with multi-channel mixing. You will be able to hear your sound better and by setting the mixing in right levels playing performance can be improved.

Number of drivers

When the music shows in which you are performing is using large speakers you will need ear headphones with more drivers to get better sound quality.

Different drivers will handle different smaller frequency range and by combining the drivers will be able to cover a wide range of frequency with better clarity and efficiency. So, it is better to select models with multi-drivers than single-drivers.

Price of ear headphones

Any person looking for in -ear earphones will find that there are models ranging from a few dollars to expensive custom-fit models which may cost $2000 or above. You cannot judge the quality of the headphone just by knowing the price.

You need to consider the overall performance as well as functionality along with price while selecting the models.

Using ear headphones for stage shows

When using earphones for stage shows select over-the- ear design. This will keep the headphones in place when you are moving around.

Wireless models are the best option for lively performances. You need to look for in – ear monitors that perform closely the way you need them.  Even if the mixer comes with EQ make necessary adjustments to prevent any distortion and unnatural sound.

The earphones are prone to damages caused by sweat and ear wax when used for extended periods. Drying the unit with hearing aid dryers will make your headphones last longer without damages to the internal components. Always have a backup headphone set ready to meet equipment failure.

Getting the custom fit models

To get the custom –fit models of ear headphones you need to get the ear impressions created and send it to the reputed manufacturer with good experience in creating custom- fit models. There are impression kits available to take the ear impressions by self.

You can also approach reputed audiologists to get the impressions done. Make sure that the custom-made headphone offers a proper fit.

Headphones to improper fit can lead to discomfort for the user and lower sound quality and isolation. Sometimes, the custom made earphones may require re-fits to make them more comfortable.

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