How to keep in-ear headphones in?

How to keep in-ear headphones in

No matter how much you spend and what brand you choose, after some time even the best pair of in-ear headphones can become uncomfortable to wear and use. This is due to the fact that they are either too tight, too loose, or doesn’t fit perfectly in your ear canal.

There are cases of the soft tissue around the ear canal getting injured or affected due to the bad quality plug material that comes equipped with the retail package of the headphone. The headphones that don’t come equipped with silicone tips are the ones that needs constant adjustments to keep the same in place in your ear.

Enough blaming the product, cases of misfitting headphones are also due to the shape of the ear canal. Not everyone has a perfectly contoured ear canal. The diameter of the same is also responsible for either a tight or loose fitting ear phone.

For getting the most out of your headphones, some key points are to be kept in mind. This would allow the user to enjoy their headphones while on an outdoor activity and even if their ear canals are not adjusting to the plugs of the headphones. So here are some factors on how to keep in-ear headphones in.

The material and size of the ear plug: How to keep in-ear headphones in

For an ideal fit, the tip of an in-ear headphone should be accurately matching the diameter of the user’s ear canal. Therefore, trying out the various sizes available in the market would be a feasible step for alleviating yourself from the stated problem.

The material that makes up the tip of the headphone also plays a major role whether the same is going to cause irritation or abrasions in your ear canal in the long run. Opting for silicone and foam tipped headphones is the key to avoid the same posing a problem in the long run.

This is due to the compatibility of both the materials with the skin. The same doesn’t react with sweat and the oils secreted by the skin and thereby don’t contribute in causing irritation to the ear.

Check the ear-tip sits firm to the diameter of your ear canal

This is essential if you are looking for getting the best aural performance from your headphones. To feel every beat one should always keep a close eye that the headphone and the ear canal make a firm bond among each other, resulting in the same to create a soundproof ambience.

This is easy to achieve and can be done by simply pushing the ear bud deep into the ear canal. This is essential to keep the ambient noise to the minimum and increasing the factors of the music like the bass, fidelity and treble that constitutes the overall quality of the sound.

Keep the ear tips secured while doing physical activities

Finding headphones that would stay in place no matter what activities you are hooked on to is a bit tricky as the constant pulling on the tips while making the movements of your activity would eventually make the buds loosen up. Moreover the sweat, wax and oils from your ear canal would contribute in rendering the headphones useless in the long run.

To keep the bud in place

  • Keep your ear buds inserted properly in your ear canal
  • Pull the top of your ear while inserting the same. This maximizes the diameter of the ear and ensures a tight fit
  • If the bud is not fitting as per your requirement, then try replacing the same with another one which is supplied with the retail package
  • Wear a head band or a tight fitting cap which will act as a support that prevent the same from falling out
  • Always place the exact headphone on the respective ear. That is the ‘L’ marked headphone on the left ear and the ‘R’ marked on the right ear
  • Try to opt for supporting accessories such as custom silicon holders to keep the in the ear headphones at their designated place

To keep the earphones from falling out

If you are tired of keeping your ear pods and in-ear headphones in place while you are on your daily outdoor routine try this simple trick that would save you from spending those extra bucks on some specialized headphones and ear pieces.

This is a tip which one can simply see floating around in sub reddits. The trick is simply to wrap the headphones around the ear. This is one of those crazy simple ideas that makes you think, ‘why didn’t I think of this in the first place?’ The best part is that it doesn’t cost you a single buck!

Taking Care of Your Headphone To ensure its proper usage

Lastly, it goes without saying that to ensure you keep using the earphone for a considerable period of time, you need to keep it clean. By using a soft cloth, some warm water and a little of soap (if needed) you can keep the earphone in the most sparkling conditions possible.

This will not only ensure its usage but also facilitate to easily plug-in the ear phone without it constantly falling. Additionally, keep a small towel with you and preferably a dry toothbrush in the bag to dislodge any kind of dirt or grime that gets stuck inside the headphone with continuous usage.

Storage is another element that makes sure that the earphones are not damaged and you can keep it plugged in without it falling out. Improper storage might damage the silicone covering or may even damage the wires that may lead to disruption in the music with the grips getting weaker.

People often use these earplugs in a very rough manner which is also a possible reason that the earphones loose proper gripping over a time period. Hence, make sure you are taking the right care of your earphones be it a cheaper or an expensive variant. After all if you love listening to music, you cannot afford to damage those lovely pieces you own.

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