Hhusali Wired In-Ear Metal Earphones with Stereo Bass and Microphone Review

Hhusali Wired In

In-ear headphones are portable and miniature headphones that are well known for their sound clarity and noise isolation properties. The headphones comes equipped with ear buds or tips as they are often called, these enable the user to insert the ear buds deep into the ear canal.

In-ear monitors (IEMs) are premium quality in-ear headphones that are precision engineered for reproducing high definition sound and works well in the mid, low and high frequency ranges of the audio spectrum. The exterior cover of the headphones are made from different materials such as plastic, ceramic, aluminium, and other alloys of metals.

Hhusali is an American audio equipment manufacturing company that manufactures and supplies quality controlled in-ear monitors, headphones and earphones. In this article, their Wired In-Ear Metal Earphones with Stereo Bass and Mic will be reviewed in detail from an unbiased point of view while focusing on customer satisfaction and value for money.

Features of The Hhusali Wired In-Ear Metal Earphones with Stereo Bass and Microphone

Hhusali Wired In-Ear Metal Earphones is positioned in the mid-range section of in-ear monitors available in the market and comes with the features convenient for the audiophile. The features and specifications of the product are stated below.

High quality sound reproduction

Advanced drivers and strong magnets with moving coil mechanism for optimum sound clarity and reproduction. The outer shell of the ear buds are made from high quality aluminium alloy that provide excellent acoustic features for sound isolation and response.

The headphones have the capability to reproduce sounds that covers almost all the ranges available in the audio spectrum that is accessible to the human ear. The headphones can provide the user with high quality low, mid and high ranges of the sound for an immersive audio experience.

Stunning noise isolation

The bud tips of the ear phones are made from high quality silicone rubber that helps in maintaining an air-tight seal with the surface of the ear canal and the bud tip. This helps in filtering out ninety percent of the background and ambient noise, thereby making the aural experience a more engaging one.

The material of the bud tips are skin friendly and do not react with the sensitive tissue of the ear canal and prevents from irritations and sore ears.

Free up your hands

The inbuilt microphone attached to the wire of the earphones, allows the user to make calls as well as receive them. The intelligent circuitry within the setup also allows remote controlling of the music when the same is pressed in a certain way and respective number of times.

The instructions for the same are provided in the instruction booklet included in the retail package. The remote control when held down for an interval of 8 seconds triggers the voice control app of the iOS or Android running device.

Modern design

The overall design and positioning of the product is made all the while keeping the modern day man or woman’s style preferences. The polished aluminium alloy outer shell of the ear buds is combined with offbeat designer colors of the bud tips. This makes these an ideal product for those who just don’t listen to their products but need to wear them.

Unique Selling Points

  • Comfy in-ear design ideal for outdoor activities
  • Passive isolation of noise capable of reproducing deep bass and treble output
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Made with premium grade materials that ensures longevity
  • Robust built quality that ensures protection from damage
  • Remote control for music, voice command and microphone for receiving calls and making them compatible with all leading operating systems
  • Deep bass and treble output with distortion free reproduction due to the presence of high quality magnets and moving coil mechanism enabled drivers


  • Stunning reproduction of sound covering most of the aural range
  • Sturdy and robust built quality
  • Good acoustics due to the incorporation of high quality aluminium in the outer casing of the ear buds
  • Tips are made from skin friendly synthetic rubber or silicon that don’t react while preventing skin irritations and sore ear canals
  • Handsfree receiving and making of calls facilitated by the inclusion of remote control and high definition microphone in the wire setup of the headphone


  • Ear tips tends to fall off every now and then after some time
  • Sound quality of the microphone is not up to the mark

How does this product serve your needs?

After thorough consideration of the overall features, specifications and overall retail package of the product, it can be said that this it is meant for those who are looking for a good product without burning a hole in their pockets.

The features like remote volume control, compatibility with voice commands and artificially intelligent  assistants that comes preinstalled in the devices running the latest operating systems all add up to the appeal of the product.

The drivers used in the ear buds are made from high quality magnets and incorporate moving coil mechanism in their operating process for high definition reproduction of the mid to low range beats as well as the shrill highs.

How the product is different from that of its competitors?

If we compare Hhusali Wired In-Ear Metal Earphones with Stereo Bass and Microphone to that of the RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone from Panasonic, the first and foremost feature that we can see the latter lacks from the former is the absence of the remote control and microphone setup. Apart from that the one offered from Panasonic is not manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy like the one offered from Hhusali.

This plays a significant role as the one from Panasonic is less equipped when it comes to provide the user with an immersive audio experience as plastic is not acoustically suitable material for reproducing sound. The durable and robust built quality of the product makes the same an ideal competitor in the mid-range sector of in-ear headphones.


The inexpensive price range, bundled with the convenient features makes Hhusali Wired In-Ear Metal Earphones an ideal product if you are an audiophile and don’t want to spend a lot of cash in an earphone at this particular point of time. 

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