Choose The Best In-Ear Headphones Under 50USD

Choose The Best In-Ear Headphones Under 50USD

It is really hard to imagine a world without earphone or headphones or ear buds. Many people use the headphones to listen to music when they are traveling, working out, doing exercises, reading, to chat with friends, etc.

No matter what your need is you can be sure of finding the earphones that you want for any of your purposes for attractive prices. If you are under the notion that headphones would always be pricey, then you need to think once again.

There are many leading headphone brands that are offering attractive looking and feature rich headphones for its consumers at affordable prices. Gone are the days when you need to spend 100$ to 200$ for headphones that come with extra bass or noise cancel feature or HD sound quality, etc.

There are many leading brands that sell ear buds at under 50$.

Different types of headphones

No matter you are looking at, listening to high pumping music to boost your workouts or want to listen to soft melodious songs in your private space, you will find plenty of different types of sounding accessory to meet your personal style, budget, and needs with ease.

As there are many different kinds of headphones that are on sale today and are manufactured to meet a certain need, you would be always looking at owning more than one headphone to suit your different uses.

In-ear headphones

If you are a sports freak and love to listen to music when you are practicing or working out, then the in-ear earphones are a very good option. These headphones will fit perfectly inside your ear canal.

The tips of these models will mostly be covered with a rubber tip that is offered in different sizes to snugly fit in your ear. They are designed, insecure way that they will securely stay put in your ear when you are moving about, jumping or exercising.

These in-ear headphones are perfect tools that will offer passive isolation of noise and the high-end headphones from brands like Skullcandy, Bose, Shure, etc., will offer very good sound quality. You can easily find quality and branded in-ear headphones at under $50 from leading online stores.

These are the best earphones you can buy to listen to high fidelity music without any noise disturbances and lag in quality.

How in-ear compares with over the ear headphones?

These headphones are also very popular among all music lovers who love to listen to music on the go. This type of headphone is called the full-size or around the ear headphones and will completely cover your ears.

They are the best headphones to produce quality sound and are ideally used by people who love to listen to music all the time and also for voice chats. As it fully covers the ear, the user will be isolated from the outside noise and only listen to the music.

They might cause pain to the ears over long hours of usage. The in-ear headphones do not have any such issues and are also more affordable than these headphones.

On the ear or in-ear headphones

The on the ear headphones are similar to the over the ear headphones. The only difference is that they will not fully enclose the ears and its cushion will be sitting on the outer ear.

As these headphones will not fully cover your ears, you would be hearing the sounds from the outside. These headphones offer less bass response and poor sound quality when compared to the in the ear models.

There is no comparison between the in-ear and on the ear headphones as they are miles apart. You will not get the quality of sound or noise cancellation that you get in the in-ear models in the on the ear models.

Developed from the ear buds headphones

The ear buds are the very popular headphone game changer when it entered the market. This ear bud helped people switch from the bulky over the head, earphones to the compact and attractive looking earphones that they can easily place in their ear and listen to music for long without any strain on their heads or their ears.

They are very cheap earpieces, but offer quality sound and are highly portable. All leading headphone brands in the USA are selling various types of these ear buds to attract their consumers.

It still has a huge role in the headphone market. It is from the ear buds headphones that the in-ear headphones have taken shape.

The in-ear headphones are an upgrade of the ear buds and now offer very good sound quality with bass boosters, outside noise cancellation and above all snug fit on the ears.

Wireless in-ear headphones

The wireless headphones are now very popular among all headphone users as they get to do away with the messy and tangling wires when they use the headphones. Most of the modern-day wireless in-ear headphones make use of the Bluetooth technology to encode the audio signal and to transmit the sound without any wires.

These days you will find wireless headphones that can offer uninterrupted sound even if they are 30 feet away from the device. These wireless earphones are ideal options to carry with you everywhere and wherever you go.

You can easily jump in subway trains, buses and walk freely in crowded places without needing to worry about tangling wires. The other types of wireless headphones are the radio frequency headphones and the infra-red headphones.

All the leading brands like Bose, Beats Solo2, Sony, Sennheiser, JBL, offer wireless headphones in various styles, designs, and features. The entry level wireless headphones from the leading brands can be bought at under $50.

Features to look for in in-ear headphones

If you are looking to buy feature rich in-ear headphones, then you might need to check out headphones with the following features.

Noise cancelling

There will be tiny microphones in these noises cancelling headphones that will capture the ambient sounds and phase reverse, then electronically and resend them to the speaker outputs. This will cancel the original sounds in the ears of the users.

Sound isolation

These headphones will use certain materials to create a barrier between the sound around you and the war. They will fit perfectly in the ear and therefore will isolate the outside sound.

Volume limiting

These headphones will always keep the volumes that come out of the speaker at safe levels and hence can also be used safely by children. It will be keeping the volume at 85dB or less.

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