Best Bass In-Ear Headphones 

The in-ear headphones are well known for their superior quality sound and you can also expect the bass and treble to be outstanding. The main reason for this performance is that the headphones go deep inside the ear canal unlike other headsets and you will be able to block the outside noise by a huge margin.

This results in good quality audio as there will be less disturbing. You will also be able to get crystal clear audio without having to raise the volume. This is beneficial for your ears in the long run as you will not burden them with loud sound all the time.

Apart from that, these headphones are very light in weight and you can comfortably wear them for long hours without any hassles.

They are very compact and you can easily store them in your pocket or a small box. In this way, it becomes easy to carry them wherever you want and this is mostly preferred by people who travel a lot. It can be folded into a small box and this makes it very durable when compared to other headphones.

Sony MDRXB50AP: Best Bass In-Ear Headphones 

This amazing headphone comes integrated with a microphone and you can easily use them for a hands free conversation along with your phone. It also has playback control for the smart phone and this makes it convenient for you to listen to music on your phone.

The ear buds are very soft and made from high quality hybrid silicone that gives a comfortable fit inside the ears. You can wear them securely without any worries and it will not fall off easily when you are moving around with the headphones.

The headphones have powerful magnets made from high energy neodymium that offers superior quality sound. The cord can be easily folded and it is absolutely tangle free making it easier for you to store them in your bags. This makes it easy for you to carry them in a small box. The portability feature makes it very useful when you are traveling.


  • It has multiple ear buds and you can choose any size that fits your ears
  • The tangle free wires are a huge advantage
  • Very easy to store in a small box and it even comes with a carry case
  • Good quality bass and treble sound
  • Affordable and gives good value for money performance


  • It is not water proof and you have to be careful about this factor
  • Needs some cleaning once in a while as it goes deep inside the ears
  • Can fall off when you are involved in sports activities
  • Noise cancellation is good which can be dangerous when you are on a busy street

ActionPie headphones – high resolution heavy bass headphones

This headphone is ideally suited for smart phones and you can also get the benefit of having a good quality microphone along with the headphones. In this way, you can conveniently enjoy hands free conversation and also enjoy listening to music on your headphone. You will get deep bass performance from this headphone due to the driver design and the magnets inside the hea

dphones are made of superior quality material. It is also very good in terms of usability and the lightweight design makes it easy to carry wherever you need them. Apart from that, you will also find it very comfortable to wear for long hours as the ear buds fit perfectly inside the ears.

In this way, you can use them comfortably when you are moving around in your home. Many people even use them when they are involved in sports activities and this gives a comfortable fit for the users.

There is no need to worry about the headphone falling off from the ears. It is compatible with android devices and you can easily use them along with your smart phone.


  • It comes with a built-in microphone making it easy to be used with phones
  • Easily compatible with android devices
  • Offers the best quality bass output
  • Made of high quality magnets
  • Good value for money product


  • You need to clean them once in a while as dust can get accumulated in the ear buds
  • You have to keep it safe from water as it can damage the headphones
  • Cannot be used for long hours at a stretch

Ectreme Wired Metal headphone – best noise canceling bass headphone

The unique feature of this headphone is that it offers the best quality stereo surround sound using the 4D technology. You can enjoy the best bass in-ear headphones from this product and it offers good value for your money.

The noise isolation feature is also very good and it gives good distortion free sound, making it comfortable for you to listen to music without raising the volume. The aluminum alloy housing makes it very durable and you can expect long life performance from this headphone.

It is corrosion resistant and gives better performance than the regular metal headphones. The wiring is made from superior quality oxygen free copper, making it one of the best available products in the market in this range. It is compatible with most smart phones and you can also use them to have a hands free conversation over the phone.

It is also very light in weight and you can easily carry them without any hassles. This is good for frequent travelers as they can conveniently put them in a small box and take them wherever they go to enjoy good quality music from the headphones.


  • Very light in weight and easy to carry
  • Highly durable and made from superior quality material
  • Gives the best performance in terms of surround sound
  • Adopts the 4D technology to give superior bass output


  • Needs cleaning once in a while to avoid dirt getting stuck in the ear buds
  • Have to keep it away from water and handle them carefully while cleaning
  • Not suitable for long duration usage during active sports
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