Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Headphones Review

Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Headphones Review

Audio-Technica is a well-known brand, they are known much for their M50 headphones which are very famous. But did you know about the E40 professional in ear monitoring earphones by the same company? They offer great and interesting technology that helps you to get the best audio no matter if you are listening to music or audio of your choice.

If you are serious about listening to music and getting great quality audio then keep reading to see why the Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Headphones is the right choice for you.


The design on these are a little different from your typical earphone design. The earphones can independently swivel at the earphone driver so that you can get a customized fit for your ears and ear canals. There are also included ear tips which you can interchange to get the right and most comfortable fit for your ears.

The headphones feature a geeky aesthetic with a see-through casing. But they are pretty straightforward with the best technology and no frills.

They are made to provide you with the best music experience but they don’t offer a mic attachment so they cannot be used for calls. This is a corded headphone with a cord length of 1.6 meters.

The cables for the earphones are detachable which is a new design that allows for more convenience is and comfort when wearing the headphones. This design prevents the use of mic attachment cables as these are not made for the professional E series for Audio Technica headphones.

The loop has a peculiar shape that can be shaped to fit the wearer’s ear.

These earphones are ideal for those who are serious about listening to their music. You will find them being sold under the professional in-ear monitor style category.

Real care was taken in the design of the headphones and they use proprietary dual phase push-pull drivers which can only be found in Audio Technica’s devices.  The technology has two dynamic drivers that are wired out of phase and mounted so that they face each other.

They work together moving simultaneously with driver 1 pushing air and moving forward and driver two pulling the air and moving backward. This is what gives them the name “push-pull” drivers.

This type of technology provides the advantage of lower harmonic distortion while providing high frequency response and tight bass to produce top quality sound.

With the purchase of the Audio Technica E40 headphones you get the headphones, a carrying case and a 6.4-inch adaptor so you can use big amps.


  • Good bass
  • Great mids
  • Wide soundstage
  • Simple design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Cables are replaceable
  • Wires are thick and durable
  • Wires are flexible
  • Great on sound isolation
  • Prevents sound leakage
  • Included carry case
  • Simple no frills design
  • Professional quality headphones


  • Expensive
  • No mic
  • Long cord can easily become entangled


Comparing this to other Audio Technica headphones you can find more or less bass quality based on the particular headphone you are comparing it with. When it comes to price this one is on the higher end of the scale but do remember this is a professional level headphone that uses proprietary driver technology.

This pair of headphones tend to offer sharper highs especially when listening at a higher volume.  The length of the wires on these headphones are the same as the wires on the E70 model.

The accessories that come with this headphone model are same as those that come with the Audio-Technica E70 model as well.

If you really enjoy listening to your music at the best possible quality for earbud headphones the go for the Audio Technica E40 Headphones. They offer you crisp, clear and well balanced sound with wind soundstage at a minimal cost versus the quality you get from these professional headphones.

Nothing in the price bracket compares well enough to the Audio Technica E40 earbud headphones.


The Audio Technica E40 earbuds feature a great build. They also come with cables that are replaceable. The unit features wires that are durable and flexible and long for far reach.

The ear loops are made from memory plastic and the headphones are made with a solid plastic housing. This ensures that they are durable and won’t be damaged easily even when they get snagged and fall.

With your purchase of these headphones you get a zippered closure carrying case that can easily accommodate the earphones without much trouble.  There are 4 different sizes of ear tips included with your purchase outside of the medium ones that come on the earphones itself at purchase.

So, you will have a total of five pairs of ear tips with your purchase of the Audio Technica E40 earbud headphones. Included in the package is also a 3.5 to 6.33mm adapter adding to the accessories received with the item and also adding to the value for money you get for making the purchase.

The earbuds offer good isolation and almost no sound leakage so you won’t hear any sounds other than your music while on the go. The fit is exceptional thanks to the fact that you can customize it with any of the five pairs of earphones that come along with your purchase. The earbuds also rotate so you can find the most comfortable spot for them in your ears.


The Audio-Technica earbuds are the ideal choice if you love listening to your music at the highest quality possible. They are not for the average music listener who wants an affordable set of headphones. These are a bit pricey so choosing one of these is quite a commitment.

These are not really for the casual listener who will do well with a typical $20 set of headphones. But if you want quality it is an absolute must and a great investment.

Why buy cheaper headphones that you will have to replace often when you can just purchase this model from Audio-Technica and get high quality sound.  It is actually quite an affordable option when compared to other professional level headphones so it is a good investment and we do highly recommend it.

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