1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones Review

1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones Review

For today’s generation, in ear headphones are staple accessories. It is essential especially to young people who are active users of personal digital devices (such as MP3 players and smartphones).

You see them wearing headphones every day in the street, inside coffee shops, or while working out in gyms. But some people do not like using them because they tend to fall off frequently.

If your in-ear headphone frequently falls out of your ear, you might be using the wrong one. In ear headphone of good quality have a comfortable fit and are tight against the walls of the the ear.

They should come with silicone or foam earbuds to fit inside the ear walls and reduce outside noise.

Aside from choosing a good pair of in-ear headphones, you should make sure to wear them properly. Wear them by holding the headphones toward the back of your ear.

Place them around your ears with amount of slack in the wires. Then, wear them just like typical headphones. You can also gently push the earbuds further into your ear to block outside noise and ensure louder, better sound quality.

There are hundreds of in-ear headphones that are marketed as high quality and durable. This can be overwhelming, and identifying the best kind is quite challenging.

Good thing that here is a comprehensive review of one of the best selling in-ear headphones: the 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones.


1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones Features

The 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones is made with three drivers – two balanced armatures and a dynamic driver. These drivers work together to provide high-quality detailed sound and vibrant bass power.

They create a mini woofer and high-quality surround sound system in an in ear headphone.

This three diver in ear headphone provides high-resolution audio. In fact, it has a frequency range of up to 40,000 hertz (which is par for the trend today).

1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones has fine tuning that complements every music genre. It was designed by the much-admired DJ, producer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi.

The 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones is comfortable and secures good fit in the ears. Its design is ergonomic and angled to fit the ear crevices and ear canals. It comes with 9 sets of ear tip sizes to ensure a secure fit and comfortable listening experience.

1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones also features Intelligent Control Technology which gives the users added control of its functionality.

This feature works with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Its remote has three buttons so you can adjust volumes, change the song, or take calls while on the go.

What makes 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones unique is the manufacturer. 1More is known for creating affordable, comfortable in-ear headphones which deliver high-resolution sounds.

Pros and cons

The above mentioned features of the 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones are what make it a best-selling product. Many users are satisfied with it, but some would prefer it were better in few areas.

Here are the pros and cons of 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones:


  • Three drivers
  • Delivers high-resolution sound
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Secures inside the ears
  • Intelligent Control technology feature
  • Three-button remote
  • Comes with nine sets of ear tip sizes
  • High-quality earbuds
  • Good value


  • Unpleasant shock


Listening to music or talking on the phone using in ear headphones has become a norm nowadays. It makes sense since in-ear headphones provide good quality sounds and are portable enough. They are lightweight and can be used wherever you are – on streets, inside cafes, or elsewhere.

However, experts and adults warn the youth about the excessive use of in ear headphones. Statistics show that many youths are exposed to the risk of digital devices and prone to hearing loss.

That is why they advise the responsible use of headphones. Some recommend the 60/60 rule – less than 60% volume level at a maximum of 60 minutes a day.

Some users have the tendency to try to increase the volume level of the headphones they use. This is due to the fact that they are using low-quality ones.

It is a good thing then that this 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones is a good in ear headphone equipped with triple drivers that work together to provide high-resolution audio. It has comfortable earbuds that block noise and are tightly sealed along the ear canals.

Comfortable, ergonomic, high-quality sound and more are featured in 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones. No wonder many users love it.

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